Monday 23rd March

Hi All.

I do hope you are all well and are staying safe. Below is the first musical assignment for this week for our drummers (guitar homework to follow soon!) for you to add to your home schooling.

All I want you to do is print the sheet below and get your drummer to use the three empty staves to create their own unique fill and groove. There are three to fill in, but they can do as many as they like – be creative! Take a pic of your child’s efforts and either post on the facebook page or email it over for me to share. I may even pick some favourites and and film myself playing them…

If you haven’t access to a printer – don’t worry, just do your best to replicate on a piece of paper, I’m sure I’ll figure it out!

Have fun and looking forward to see what they all come up with 🙂

All our love.

Tom & Family

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