One To One Tuition

Inside the Studio

One-to-one Lessons are conducted in a soundproofed Studio with Tom Howarth in Liskeard. On a top of the range Gretsch USA Maple drum kit to teach, or lessons can take place behind a Roland TD-6 Electronic Kit.

I have had over five years experience teaching the drums and percussion to a multitude of different students. These have ranged from primary school ages, six formers, degree students and beyond.

On top of this I use an Alesis sample pad to add any additional percussion or sound effects that is common with most contemporary music. This also adds a challenging ‘extension’ of the drum kit that I include in my lessons with more experienced drummers. All this goes though a monitor speaker so both myself and the student can clearly hear what is being played.

I feel it is very important for drummers to learn to read drum notation. This helps gain coordination and have access to another skill to use later in life. All notation is written on an iPad during the lesson, which is emailed to the student (or parent) when the lesson is over to be downloaded, printed and used to practise. Each student has their own unique electronic folder which is used to track development and can be used as a reference to previous lessons.

I have full access to various different backing tracks, and an electric guitar so students can gain experience with playing along to music. The music you would like to perform to is completely up to you. Whether you’re a One Direction, Metallica or a Frank Sinatra fan I will help you find and play the relevant grooves and fills to fit with your tastes.

If you are eager to sit the Graded Drum exams than I am more than happy to revolve the lessons around this. I usually recommend this to secondary school students (especially ones that are studying for a GCSE in music) as Grade 6-8 can be counted towards UCAS and will aid when applying for University.

Lesson Prices

1/2 Hour Lesson: £15.00
1 Hour Lesson: £25.00

If you have any questions regarding these please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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