School Lessons

Cornwall Music Tuition offers group and individual lessons to primary schools around Cornwall.

Learning the guitar could be more beneficial than you had first realised. Learning is great for hand-eye-ear coordination, and is a very good way to develop your listening skills, both musically and within a social context.

The guitar provides a great platform to master Rhythm, Melody and Harmony, three backbone elements of a solid music education.

Playing the guitar breeds attention to detail and teaches a specific skill set for performing small, delicate movements of both hands. Because of this, guitarists have excellent dexterity and are able to apply this outside of music in learning other tasks.

Finally but not least importantly, learning to play an instrument teaches patience and discipline, the fun way… It takes hours of patient practice to become a rock legend, but don’t worry it’s worth it! Nothing boosts confidence (or looks cooler!) than grabbing your favourite ‘Axe’ and shredding out a solo on stage!

We are very happy to be working alongside the Cornwall Music Education Hub to provide subsidised lessons for children that meet certain criteria. These are:

  • Children eligible for free school meals and/or in care will receive free group lessons.
  • Children with one or more parents serving in the British Armed Forces will receive free group lessons.
  • Children, or parent, in receipt of Disability Living Allowance will receive half-priced group lessons.

You will receive a termly report on your child’s progress and we will aim to have an assembly booked once a year for your child to demonstrate their new abilities!

If we have made a visit to your child’s school and you wish to apply, please fill out the form below.

Application Form:

  • This will not be used for any marketing purposes
  • Lesson Subsidies

  • This is only required if applying for subsidised lessons. The information given will only be shared with CMEH and kept on a secure network. For more information on our privacy policy please go to
    DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Please let us know if you there is anything else you think we may need to know before lessons commence (certain individual needs for example)
  • Terms and Conditions

    A term’s payment is due before lessons commence. Once payment is received, lessons will proceed and any ordered products (books, sticks etc) will be given out at the first lesson. Refunds/credit will not be given due to child absences unless we are given 24 hours notice. If a lesson cannot be fulfilled by our tutors the time will be made up in the following week(s). If this cannot happen a refund will be given. If a lesson is cancelled due to no fault of the tutor (trips/school commitments etc) we will do our best to make up the lesson in the following week(s). If you wish to cancel your child’s lesson you must give Cornwall Music Tuition at least one month’s notice, so we are able to regroup timetables.


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