Autumn Term 2020

We are happy to confirm that we are able to continue instrumental tuition in our schools for the Autumn Term.

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With this in mind, we have put certain measures in place to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and everyone else that we come into contact with for the duration of our school visits. Please see below for the following changes that have been made:

  • We will only be offering individual lessons for the foreseeable future, this is to prevent children mixing out of their ‘bubbles’ as much as possible. This will be broken down into the usual 20 minute lessons, or a more affordable 10 minute lesson will be available.
  • All staff will wear clear visors when on school grounds.
  • All staff will take time to clean instruments in-between use, and will continue to regularly wash and sanitize their hands in-between lessons.
  • For drum lessons, students must bring their own sticks and books for each session to prevent sharing. Guitarists must bring their own plectrums.
  • If possible, the tutor will keep within a two meter distance of the student at all times.

The lessons will of course, still be taught in the usual fun and friendly manner. We are aware that the mental well-being of each child is just as important as the physical, and we will continue to support this and implement it into our tuition.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all again this term!

Welcome to Cornwall Music Tuition. A local music service that is passionate about providing fun, interactive and affordable lessons to Primary Schools in the county of Cornwall.



Following our syllabus teaches children how to read musical notation and apply it their instrument in a fun and creative environment. Learning to read music improves academic skills, helps develop physical skills and boosts and refines discipline and patience.

We understand that each child is unique, and we encourage them to learn at their own pace.



What makes CMT different is that we provide professional acoustic and electronic instruments to each lesson, so students don’t need to have their own instruments in place beforehand. Our syllabus comes with a range of backing tracks that are tailored to the younger musician and cover a range of styles that introduces them to other cultures.


We book yearly performances at all of our schools so students can show off their new skills to their friends and family.  This is known to massively boost self-esteem as well as giving parents an opportunity to see how their child is musically developing.

The instruments we teach link together so performances can be done in groups, as well as individually.